Sofia Sominsky

Sofia Sominsky

Combining my passion for art and theater with organizational and technical acumen, I have successfully lead exhibitions in off-spaces, museums, galleries and art fairs, globally.
I have lived in many countries and continents. Since 2017 I live in Munich, where I have a director position in an established contemporary art gallery.

The last year I spent in maternity leave, so I had some time to re-think the environment of web-2, also softly touching web-3. I find the possibilities of the digital process incredibly fascinating and endless. I am eager to continue my professional career in this field, to get to know the community and to understand the impact of the ongoing revolution in digital field.


Room Of One’s Own Part 2

  • Open Call abgeschlossen
  • Konzeptkunst
  • Mixed Reality
Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle