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In September 2022, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf was transformed into an IRL metaverse for one day. In the playful educational journey of “Per Anhalter*in durchs Metaversum” (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Metaversum), one could gain insights into what the metaversum is and what it could be in the future. In this context, also asked itself: Metaverse, Metaversum, Metaversen – what do artists, experts and museum employees imagine by this? What is already tangible today and what dreams or ideas do they associate with the term? found two very different possible answers:

In the video “9 Humans on Metaverse”, nine experts from different fields talk about their personal experiences and visions with regard to the metaverse in 3 minute statements each.

Together with SOFF, we also developed a more experimental approach to the topic: In this little getaway, the Düsseldorf artist takes us into the world of the metamuseum. Dreaming big, trying out how it fits us and letting it inspire us for our own ideas. This dreamlike guided meditation-reading performance was first presented as part of “Per Anhalter*in durchs Metaversum” at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf and now finds its way online. Have fun! SOFF feat. – Expedition into the Metaverse