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wwwforum – Virtual Residency Programm

  • 3D Motion
  • Digital Art
  • Video


  • As an artist, I appreciate the intention of unlearning anthropocentric perspectives through this project. Donna Haraway’s “becoming-with” and Karen Barad’s “world worlding itself” bring an intriguing philosophical dimension to the project, very curious to dig deeper into how this project pursues these ideas through the lens of AI.

    Ana Radu
  • The idea of an autonomous bush being part of reclaiming the dam as a leisure site is fascinating, also really enjoying the more-than-human exploration of power dynamics. Best of luck!

    T. Landa
  • I love how World Upstream blurs the boundaries between nature and technology, and I want to learn (and see) more on its ideas around reclamation and subversion, especially in the context of the dam. It’s a thought-provoking project!

    Dana Kim