Swarmparty at Musee Dezentral

Together we visit the digital exhibition „The future is decentralized“ at Musee Dezentral and discuss the ten exhibited artworks that represent diverse aspects of the current discussion on NFTs and Blockchain art. AND we celebrate the power of the swarm!

The exhibition „The future is decentralized“ will be on display at the NFT virtual museum Musee Dezentral from 15.9.-15.10.2022. The works were submitted via an Open Call on nextmuseum.io and the final selection was made by swarm curation via video call and Telegram chat. More information, the collected submissions and the curatorial statement can be found on the Open Call page.

You can enter the exhibition at any time via the following link. You can also participate in the event via the same link: https://musee-dezentral.com/museum/?room=minerva.

Registration is not required.



28.09.2022 19:00